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Trenchless sewer repair and replacement are popular options when it comes to repairing or replacing old or damaged sewer lines. Even if the damage is thought to be minor it can easily turn into something major if not addressed in a timely manner, which is common when plumbing problems arise. If we address the sewer line problem quickly, then there is a chance we can fix the problem in a quick and affordable manner.

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If we do not address the sewer line problem immediately, it can easily turn into something much more serious, potentially requiring us to install an entirely new sewer line system. While a new sewer installation to require us to dig many deep trenches in order to install a new sewer line, trenchless sewer options are now available and accordingly, are becoming a much more preferred new sewer installation option.

What Are Trenchless Sewers?

Trenchless sewers offer a way for professional plumbers to repair or install a sewer system without having to cause a lot of damage to the property. Because not a lot of time is spent digging trenches, trenchless sewer repair tends to only take hours and trenchless sewer replacement only takes a day or two to install a new sewer line.

In order to find out the current state of a sewer line, a professional plumber will use a sewer camera. We can maneuver the camera inside the sewer line in order to take pictures and even video of any existing sewer problems.

How The Repair Process Works

When a sewer system needs repairs, choosing the trenchless sewer repair option means it will take less time to repair the sewer system since there is no longer a need to dig trenches. Since it takes less time to repair a sewer system when we include trenchless sewer services, the entire repair process will cost less. In order to repair a sewer line system using the trenchless sewer process, we will need to dig access point holes to reach the sewer line.

We will then use special plumbing tools in order to repair any sewer line damage. The replacement process works the same way and may require additional access holes in order to replace the damaged sewer system.

Trenchless Pipe Bursting

One of the two methods that we use for trenchless sewer repair or replacement is pipe bursting. Pipe bursting is a process that requires a professional plumber to use special tools that are able to break apart the existing sewer line so that a new sewer line can be installed. The trenchless pipe bursting method is one of the most efficient methods to install a new sewer line. This method is the tool that can break apart the existing sewer line and pull the new sewer line in behind it, allowing for a two in one trenchless sewer repair process.

Since pipe bursting does not include the use of any harmful chemicals, many consider it an environmentally-friendly form of trenchless sewer repair.

Trenchless Pipe Lining

Trenchless pipe lining is a method used to repair a damaged sewer line and can be used only if the current sewer line is still retaining its structural integrity. A professional will use a sewer line camera in order to find out the exact condition of the sewer line, which is going to determine whether or not trenchless pipelining is indeed an option. If we determine that the current sewer line has the structural integrity necessary for trenchless pipelining, then we will enter a flexible tube containing an epoxy resin into a small hole so that a plumbing professional can then inflate the tube, which is going to line the old sewer line with the epoxy resin.

When we use trenchless pipe lining services, the old sewer line is able to offer many more years of use without further repair or replacement.

Sewer Line Collapse

A sewer line collapse refers to a broken sewer line and means that a sewer line has failed, which is going to eventually lead to a variety of additional plumbing issues, like slow draining and toilets that do not flush properly. A sewer line collapse is more often than not the result of a clogged sewer line, a tree root intrusion or a very old and deteriorating sewer line.

When a sewer line does collapse, it is going to need repairs by a professional plumber as soon as possible in order to prevent additional plumbing problems. Most professional plumbers offer same day plumbing services for a sewer line collapse that needs immediate attention.