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When trees and sewer lines are too close together it is highly likely that the tree’s roots will eventually make their way into the sewer line. It only takes one small tree root to start making its way into a sewer line for any tree intrusion problems to begin. These problems will only get worse if one does not seek professional services to prevent a broken or collapsed sewer line.

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Once this happens the roots will begin to slowly but surely spread throughout the sewer line, which will eventually lead to a complete sewer blockage and accordingly more severe sewer line problems. Tree root intrusion is a common sewer line problem as a tree’s roots naturally gravitate towards moisture.

What Does Tree Root Intrusion Mean?

Tree root intrusion means that tree roots have invaded a sewer line. It could be because the tree roots are so strong that they are able to eventually break through the sewer line or it could be due to a sewer line collapse, which makes it even easier for the tree’s roots to invade the sewer line. Since tree root intrusion is a serious problem that can cause a lot of damage to the entire sewer system, it is crucial to give us a call as soon as possible.

With our services, we can help prevent the worst from occurring. Tree root intrusion is more common in clay or concrete sewer lines, also in dry climates.

Sewer Line Collapse

Tree root intrusion is a common problem when sewer lines are weak, which means there’s a higher chance that tree roots are going to cause damage to a weak sewer line system. Some of the older sewer lines consist of clay or concrete. Thus, these lines are much more susceptible when it comes to breakage. When a line does break a sewer line collapse is soon to follow. Over time, a sewer line will eventually need some type of repair or replacement.

When Are Professional Services Necessary?

Professional plumbing services are necessary as soon as someone begins experiencing sewer line problems because the longer they wait the worse the problems are going to become. If a tree root invasion is found in the very beginning stages the entire tree root problem is going to be much easier to address and correct.

If a lot of time passes by until someone seeks plumbing services after experiencing a possible tree root intrusion, then plumbing replacement services may be necessary. Regular sewer line maintenance is essential to finding any small sewer problems before they can turn into big sewer problems.

Plumbing Replacement

Tree root intrusion has the potential to cause so much damage to the sewer line that the only option will be to replace it. This can include replacing part of the sewer line or all of it. In order to know if plumbing replacement services are going to be necessary, contacting a professional plumber who can use a sewer line camera to see the exact condition of the sewer line is necessary.

When a sewer line is broken it is simply not able to do the job it is supposed to do, which means it will need some form of plumbing repair or plumbing replacement in order for it to once again work properly.

How To Prevent Tree Root Intrusion

Preventing tree root intrusion is possible. Thus, there is a need to understand exactly where the sewer line runs through a property so that the entire line can be regularly maintained and inspected for any potential issues that may occur. When trees are already on the property near sewer lines a barrier can be created between the two, which can be a physical wood or metal barrier or a chemical barrier that inhibits root growth.

When it comes to the future planting of trees, make sure they are sewer friendly trees that can be planted as far away as possible from any sewer lines, which is the most effective way to avoid any future tree root intrusion problems.

Same Day Plumbing Service

Keeping sewer lines free from obstruction is essential to their being able to perform the job they are supposed to do, which is to properly drain any wastewater away from the house. When there is a problem with the sewer line it means there is a problem with the entire plumbing system and the longer someone waits to repair the sewer problems, the greater the consequences.

Some plumbing problems require same day plumbing service, which can be extremely beneficial when it comes to finding and fixing plumbing problems as soon as possible so they do not become worse.