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A clogged or broken sewer line can be one of the most frustrating and expensive experiences a homeowner can face. Luckily, it is not something you have to deal with alone.

Residential blockages and breakdowns are just a fact of life. The skilled and highly experienced plumbers at Prodigy Plumbing can walk you through any breakdown and use the newest technology and techniques to save you time, money and sanity, no matter the reason for the repair or restoration.

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Prodigy Plumbing has many methods and means for not only diagnosing what is wrong with the pipes but also executing repairs and even preventative maintenance to prevent those clogs and breaks from re-occurring.

Residential sewer stoppage/clog repair

Residential sewer stoppages and clogs are often an inevitability. With the age of the sewer pipes, high traffic and a long list of homeowners who may have never shelled out for sewer maintenance and repair, it is possible that the current homeowner could get stuck with the kind of stoppage that requires a professional.

The most common types of clogs and stoppages include grease/debris clogs, root clogs, pipe breaks and pipe leaks. Luckily, these kinds of clogs can be repaired quickly and cleanly by the professional team at Prodigy Plumbing. They have multiple methods for not only diagnosing clogs but also eliminating them, cleaning the pipes and other methods for preventing future build-ups and clogs. 

Sewer camera inspection

Doing work on a sewer line with an inspection can extend work deadlines, expense and damage down to the pipes and the surrounding area. Instead, Prodigy Plumbing uses state-of-the-art micro cameras to get a perfect picture of the pipes.

Diagnose clogs. Is sewage or water backing up in multiple places like the toilet, sink or shower? If the backing up is not relegated to one toilet or sink, it could be more than just a clog. This could point to a much bigger problem with the sewer lines buried beneath the house. A sewer camera inspection can reveal where the clog is and how best to fix it.

Map out the pipes. Installing a swimming pool, putting in trees or doing other kinds of installations in the back or front yard? Putting trees too close to pipes could lead to root trouble down the road, and a swimming pool cannot even break ground if the lawn is right above a tangle of pipes. If you do not have or cannot find the original plans or the pipes have been rehauled without documentation, a sewer camera inspection can help you map out your system to avoid installation troubles.

Check the condition of the lines. Buying a home is already difficult, filled with mold and roof inspections. However, it is rare for the inspector to take a look at the underground sewer pipes. A licensed and experienced plumber can inspect the lines with a sewer camera before you purchase, saving you a lot of heartache and future financial trouble.


The days of relying on snakes and augurs to clear a main line are over. While augurs still have their place, of course, hydro-jetting is an alternative that is generally more effective and can do things a rooter cannot.

Destroy clogs. Plugs of grease and grime can build up over years and form thick, impenetrable walls that not even an augur can get through. The high-pressure stream from hydro-jetting, however, can quickly chip away at even the strongest blockages and eliminate them completely.

Clean the pipes. The main benefit of hydro-jetting is that unlike an augur, the high-pressure nozzle (which sprays in multiple directions) can actually scour grime from the inside the pipe. This cleans the pipes as close to new as they are ever going to be and reduces the inside diameter of the pipe to increase flow and decrease the chance of blockages. It also eliminates much of the bacteria in the pipes, improving the smell and potentially lowering the chances of that bacteria getting into your house.

Cut through tree roots. Tree roots can be a huge hazard for any buried lines, but they tend to seek out sewer lines for their constant moisture and bevy of nutrients. Instead of having to tear up the lawn and pull up the pipes to eliminate roots, the 5,000+ PSI water in hydro-jetting can slash through roots in no time flat and flush the remnants down the drain.

Trenchless pipe lining

Corrosion, pressure, clogs, roots, physical damage and even just age can cause pipes to leak or break. Instead of pulling up the yard and the driveway, Prodigy Plumbing can employ trenchless pipe lining to get those pipes as good as new without even touching a shovel or jackhammer.

What is trenchless pipe lining? Made of flexible polyester and plastic, trenchless pipe lining can fit anywhere it needs to. The lining is inserted into the broken pipes through the pre-existing sewer access ports and threaded into position inside the broken pipe itself. It is then inflated and hardened using a chemical epoxy, strengthening or restoring the function of the pipe without having to fully replace it.

Protect the look of your house. Instead of excavating trenches across your lawn and driveway, consider trenchless pipe lining. Some pipes in the home can even be restored with pipe lining, preventing you from having to tear up the floor or walls.

Avoid the permits. Permits cost money and time, so why waste either? If a sewer line breaks under the sidewalk or even extends out into the street, it can sometimes be the responsibility of the homeowner to make the repairs. This involves tearing up public property, which means dealing with the city both for permits and for things like redirecting traffic. Instead, trenchless pipe lining can be done without touching the existing paving.

Trust the experts

When it comes to residential stoppages, it feels like nothing is easy or just “works out.” However, if you contact the knowledgeable and quick experts at Prodigy Plumbing, they can help you through the process with minimal fuss and much less strain on your wallet.

Whether you are thinking of an inspection or preventative maintenance or are in dire need of immediate repair, Prodigy Plumbing uses highly-trained staff to make it happen.

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