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Hydro jetting is a modern plumbing technology that uses high-pressure water to remove any sewer line blockages. When a sewer line is blocked it can lead to the entire sewer line experiencing a lot of additional problems and therefore requires immediate attention. While it may be tempting to use chemical drain cleaners in order to remove any sewer line blockages, over time the chemicals can create weak spots in the sewer line that can lead to corrosion and overall structural damage.

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Instead of dissolving sewer line blockages like chemical drain cleaners do, hydro jetting uses the force of water to blast through the blockage, breaking it up and pushing it through the sewer line so it is no longer a problem. Sewer jetting is another name for hydro jetting and something that only professionals should do. We have the special training to properly use hydro jetting when addressing sewer line blockages as high-pressure water has the potential to cause sewer line damage.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting uses a stream of highly pressurized water in order to remove any blockages that may be preventing a sewer line from performing the job it is supposed to do. Whether the sewer line is blocked by tree roots or years of buildup, hydro jetting services are often the first option to remove the blockages. Since hydro jetting is an environmentally-friendly way to remove sewer line blockages, people often prefer it over snake plumbing.

Why is Hydro Jetting Important?

Hydro jetting is a modern plumbing technology that removes any sewer line blockages and cleans out the sewer line, which is going to help the sewer line last longer. Regular sewer line maintenance is essential to a long-lasting and fully functioning sewer system.

When we use hydro jetting to remove any blockages, it also helps to remove any impurities that may be still trying to cling to the sewer line. The cleaner a sewer line is, the more efficient it is going to be.

Hydro Jetting Process

The hydro jetting process allows a plumbing professional to remove any sewer line blockages by using high-pressure water technology. Specialized equipment allows for a professional to access water pressure up to 4000 pounds, which easily provides enough pressure to remove any residential sewer line blockages. The process involves shooting high water pressure into a blocked sewer line so that it can first move the blockage forward. Moving the blockage forward is going to create the reverse water action that works against the incoming water, eventually breaking up any and all blockages.

Signs Hydro Jetting May Be Necessary

Signs that hydro jetting may be necessary include experiencing frequent drain clogs, toilets not flushing all the way, having bad smells come up through the drains into the house and slow draining. Since these plumbing problems tend to start out small, many people will wait until the plumbing problem becomes a much larger issue before contacting a professional plumber.

Calling us sooner rather than later can help prevent a number of additional and potentially costly plumbing problems. We can send someone out to assess the situation and determine the most effective course of action.

Reliable Sewer Repair

The fact that a properly working sewer line is an essential part of a plumbing system makes it so that professional plumbing services are absolutely necessary when someone is experiencing any type of plumbing problems. Since it is essential for us to complete all sewer line repairs properly the first time, reliable sewer repair services are a must when someone is experiencing problems with their sewer line.

Sewer Replacement

Sewer replacement is often necessary when sewer lines are so damaged that it is simply easier to replace the sewer system rather than attempt to make many and various sewer line repairs. While there may be a few different methods for replacing sewer lines, anytime a sewer line needs to be replaced it needs to be done by a plumbing professional in order to ensure that the sewer replacement project is done properly.

Some of the more common reasons why sewer replacement may be recommended include:

  • Tree root intrusion that is so severe it has caused multiple breaks in the sewer line
  • A sewer line that has collapsed in multiple areas
  • Having an old sewer line that is made of clay or concrete and it is now breaking, causing sewer leaks
  • Cracks in the foundation slab or sinkholes