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Every now and then, it is important to service your sewer, and hydro-jetting is one way to do just that. Are you suffering from clogs, backups or unfortunate smells creeping up from drains in your house? Grease, roots and debris can form clogs that not even a professional augur can get through. In fact, those heavy-duty augurs can even damage the pipes, especially if roots have heavily infiltrated the pipe system.

Instead of ripping up the yard and having to pull the pipes up, consider hydro-jetting.

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What is hydro-jetting?

Hydro-jetting is similar to pressure washing, except it is designed primarily for cleaning out underground pipes from the inside. A special high-powered hose, attached to a pressurization unit, is lowered into a convenient access point into the sewer line beneath the house or business. Then, water is blasted into the pipes at upward of 5,000 PSI. This pushes around 20 gallons per minute right through the pipe.

The head of the hose is designed to fire high-pressure jets from multiple directions too, meaning every nook and cranny takes the full blast of cleansing water.

This high-pressure water is strong enough to cut through tree roots, flush debris and even clean the grime from the inside surface of the pipe. Even the best augurs, while great at removing clogs, struggle with tree roots. Also, no snake is designed to actually scrub the buildup on the inside of the pipe, which frequently reduces the diameter, speeds up corrosion and facilitates more clogs in the future.

Hydro-jetting, on the other hand, clears all of that right out and flushes it down into the mains.

Why choose hydro-jetting?

There are unique advantages to hydro-jetting that other methods simply cannot compete with:

Hydro-jetting lasts longer. You will be making fewer calls to the plumbers and suffering from clogs less frequently. Hydro-jetting does not just remove temporary blockages, it also demolishes everything inside and even cleans the pipes.

Hydro-jetting is cheaper. In the long run, hydro-jetting will save you countless plumbing repairs. Backups will be a thing of the past for a long time after hydro-jetting, and the frequent problems caused by tree roots will disappear entirely, for as long as it takes the roots to grow back — which will not happen if you move the tree or plants that caused the problem.

Hydro-jetting is the only cost-effective way to deal with roots. Tree roots are known for their tenacity, demolishing sidewalks, driveways, foundations and of course, sewer line pipes. And tree roots are insidious: Once they enter a tiny crack, they will grow all the way down the line in a snarled tangle of roots that will eventually stop all flow. Hydro-jetting, however, can slice those roots apart like a hot knife through butter.

Hydro-jetting eliminates bacteria. Sewer lines are ripe for bacteria, which can grow out of control and even make it back into the house. Giving the pipes a fresh, high-pressure scrubbing can eliminate not only the bacteria but also the material they have been feeding on.

Hydro-jetting saves you from tearing up the lawn. Instead of those tree roots and immovable clogs having to be fixed by hand where the augur fails, hydro-jetting cleans up clogs with minimal disruption. No need to pull up hopeless pipes when hydro-jetting can get them clean and pristine in no time.

Hydro-jetting removes scaling. Hard water scaling can form on the inside of pipes like stalactites in a cave, becoming calcified deposits that are great places for clogs to form. Hydro-jetting can obliterate scaling and deposits in one shot.

Hydro-jetting is ecologically friendly. Many de-clogging solutions, especially those available at hardware stores or grocery stores, use harsh chemicals that can easily get into the environment. Hydro-jetting just uses normal water and in fact, will even dilute any chemicals in the pipe and make them less harmful.

How to prepare for hydro-jetting

First, the plumber will inspect your pipes with sewer inspection camera. A sewer inspection camera is a tiny camera at the end of a flexible hose — the whole apparatus is not unlike a drain snake. Instead of clearing clogs, the camera locates clogs, deposits and roots and helps map the system. This is when the plumber decides if hydro-jetting is appropriate. Shooting high-pressure water through severely weakened or corroded pipes could just end up doing more damage.

Then, if it is determined the pipes can benefit from hydro-jetting, the procedure is performed until all of the affected pipes are smooth and squeaky clean.

What kind of pipes can hydro-jetting clear?

While sewer lines beneath the house or building are one of the most common uses of hydro-jetting, there are many pipes that can benefit. These include:

Storm drains. Storm drains tend to clog with leaves, other plant matter, litter, soap, grease and various sludges that can cause massive flooding when left unchecked. Hydro-jetting can make sure that the storm drain is ready for the next rain by obliterating these common blockages.

Sewer lines. The most common usage, sewer lines are ripe for the kinds of clogs that can cause property damage through backups and flooding.

Interior lines. There are smaller versions of the hydro-jet machine that are designed to clear toilets, sinks and showers with the same efficiency as the larger machines. This kind of hydro-jetting gets the clogs right at the source, often preventing them from getting to the mains in the first place.

Preemptive hydro-jetting gives peace of mind

Having a large gathering soon, maybe for a holiday, birthday or work event? Do you regularly host these kinds of get-togethers? If so, it could be wise to schedule a hydro-jetting to make sure there are not any embarrassing backups when company is over.

Purchasing a new house or selling one? Whether you are the new tenant or  just want to give a renter a fresh start, starting with a hydro-jetting could prevent future problems. Keeping the pipes clean and not letting clogs, scaling and roots build up will also increase the lifespan of your pipes.

Time to call a professional

Prodigy Plumbing is ready to show you how effective hydro-jetting can be at destroying gunk, grime and roots, providing you with a clean network of pipes.

Whether it is a business or a residence, anyone can benefit from clear drains and peace of mind.

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