7 Common Reasons People Need a Garbage Disposal Repair

We can complete a garbage disposal repair right away so that you can begin to use your garbage disposal and make cleaning up after dinner that much easier.

Everyone loves their garbage disposal

Let's face it, a garbage disposal is one appliance that most people cannot live without. A garbage disposal makes cleanup so much easier and quick that even one day without it causes homeowners to give us a call for help. Fortunately, we have the tools and expertise to quickly complete the repair.

Common reasons garbage disposal stop working

Over the years we have helped a lot of homeowners with their garbage disposal challenges. We have seen a lot and have found that garbage disposals often develop problems for the following reasons:

1. Age

Garbage disposals will not last forever. Sometimes, they simply wear out and the homeowner needs to replace it. We will come out and inspect the unit. If it is possible to repair the disposal, then we will do so. However, if it is better to replace the unit, there are many affordable options for our clients to consider.

2. An electrical problem

As with any appliance, it is important to make sure that electricity is reaching the unit. We recommend checking the breaker box to see if there are any tripped wires and reset them, if necessary. Also, it is important to make sure that the garbage disposal is plugged in.

Few homeowners actually check this because it seems so strange that someone would ever unplug it. However, it is possible for a wire to become loose or for something to bump it that causes the disposal to become unplugged.

3. It needs to be reset

Many garbage disposals will have a reset button at the bottom of the unit that will pop out when it needs a reset. Push the button and see if it begins to work.

4. It needs a new switch

Sometimes, the garbage disposal itself is still in good working order but a new reset switch. It is much safer and beneficial to have a professional replace the switch. We can help ensure that everything is running smoothly and prevent other issues from occurring as a result of the repairs.

5 The flywheel is stuck

If something becomes caught between the flywheel or the impellers of the shuttering, the disposal can stop working. We can take care of the clog so the disposal works again.

6. The disposal is leaking

It is critical that if a garbage disposal begins leaking, a professional makes the repairs right away. Otherwise, it could cause a serious issue with water damage. Fixing the disposal is going to cost significantly less than allowing the leak to continue and dealing with softening floors, for example.

7. Slow drainage

Many homeowners contact us for a garbage disposal repair because the water is draining slowly. In this case, there may be a clogged drain line that we can fix right away. It is important to not use chemical drain cleaners since this can actually damage the disposal. Instead, give us a call.

Call in a professional

We encourage homeowners to call us anytime they need a garbage disposal repair. While it may seem like an easy thing to deal with, it is not. It is important to get help as quickly as possible to ensure that the garbage disposal can begin working again and do so without causing any problems with leaks or electrical wiring.

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