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Functional plumbing is something that many people take for granted until there is a leak, foul smell from the pipes outside the house or clogged drains. While there are methods to keep a plumbing system in order, there is no way to prevent unforeseen accidents from occurring. Fortunately, we offer the plumbing maintenance and repair services you need.

In many cases, people attempt their own DIY projects to repair or install new plumbing equipment at home. Improper installation is the main cause of making the issue far worse than before. No matter what the job is, it is always in your best interest to call us to ensure that your home’s plumbing receives the services it needs. Call us today for the repairs, installation or plumbing services you need today.

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What people may not always realize is that their pipes go under their yard or driveway. While this seems like a simple fact, people do not always think about where the waste goes when they flush the toilet. Thus, when there is an issue with the toilet or the sewage pipes, there is a high chance that flooding will occur. In some situations, the toilets in the house are fine but the sewer drain is the problem. At Prodigy Plumbing Inc., we provide the emergency plumbing repair that people need when they need it. We understand how crucial working plumbing can be to one’s daily routine and quality of life.

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We provide a variety of services including 24-hour plumbing services, sewer repairs, residential plumbing, commercial plumbing, drain cleaning, sewer drain maintenance, drain repair, trenchless pipelining and more. Along with these services, we also have the tools necessary for slab leak detection, pipe descaling, high-pressure pipe cleaning, hydro jetting and sewer camera inspection. We understand all of the signs of a serious leak or plumbing problem that may not be noticeable to the untrained eye. While there are emergencies that can be very obvious, there are also scenarios that start out small and do not seem to pose any real danger. Call us today to minimize the damage.

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To begin the repair process, we will need the homeowner to call us and explain the situation. This is the time to clarify if it is an emergency or if you are able to stop the leak by shutting off the water. Once we receive the call, we will send someone out as soon as possible. It is important that the homeowner also explains if there was any recent work to the plumbing or home that might be the source of the damage. We will then set out to find the source of the problem and recommend the necessary repairs. We will remain punctual and communicate with the homeowner for as smooth a process as possible.

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